Ear Candling

An ancient practice that may help alleviate the painful effects of headaches, sinus conditions and ear infections.

Bach Flowers

Utilizing the essence of flowers to affect a person’s physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Caring for clients in Mount Vernon and the greater Columbus, Ohio area since 2010

Colon Hydrotherapy

Experience the many health benefits that come with cleansing your colon.

Exceptional Care at Gentle Waters

Beth Is Passionate About Helping Clients Achieve Their Health Goals

Beth Seemann, the digestion specialist at Gentle Waters located in Mount Vernon, Ohio has been helping residents achieve their digestion goals since 2010. What we eat and the way our body processes it can affect all aspects of our life whether we know it or choose to admit to it. By taking advantage of a free, 30 minute, consultation with Beth you can leave with an action plan to make small to major changes in your diet and help bring a better quality of life that you’ve been searching for. Search no longer, and it’s FREE! Beth is very passionate about helping people through digestion education. Simply contact Beth today and you are on your way to a more informed lifestyle.


An alternative prep for colonoscopy.  You no longer have to dread the prep!

Ionic Spa Foot Baths

Enhance your immune system, relieve joint pain, improve sleep and organ function with a relaxing foot bath.

Chi Balancing

Blending the ancient arts with modern technology to balance energy ("chi").

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