Tomorrow I will have a Colonoscopy. I always dread these due to the prep the doctor wants me to follow. They’re nasty, really.

Today I went to see Beth Seemann at Gentle Waters in Mount Vernon, Ohio. Her prep instructions are absolutely great. They were clear and I never felt any discomfort or cramping. I will never do the doctor’s prep again.

Beth is professional, shared information as I went through the ColoLAVAGE, and was considerate throughout the process. She goes the extra steps to make sure her clients are at ease, comfortable and satisfied with her care.

It’s very obvious Beth knows what she is talking about, and cares deeply about helping her clients. I was very pleased and, should I ever need another Colonoscopy, I will definitely be seeing Beth first.

Gini T.S.

In 6 years I have had 2 colonoscopies, upper GI & dozens of medicines that never worked, all without even having a diagnosis. For 6 long miserable, painful, nauseated, constipated years I got to the point where I couldn’t eat anymore, there was nowhere for the food to go. I completely lost a taste for food at all, until I met Beth. I truly believe this woman & the hydrotherapy procedure saved my life!!! I went from straining to get a couple little rabbit pellets to a daily healthy bowel movement. Not only is Beth completely professional & makes you feel very comfortable & at ease, but she’s kind & patient, has a great ear for listening. Beth knows her job inside & out (literally) lol & has taught me how to listen & pay attention to my body. I will forever & always use this method before ever going back to a group of people that do not hear me & wanna run a test or give me a pill. Beth truly cares about us!! I cannot say enough good things about Beth & Gentle Waters, she promised to get my “colon rollin” & that she did!! It feels so good to feel good again! Thanks Beth, I’m glad you do what you do!!
Nancy D.

When I first went to see Beth, I was nervous, this being the first colon-hydro therapy I had ever had. My first impression of Beth was the right one: here is someone who knows what she’s doing and is completely proficient at her job. She is not only professional but also unflappable and disarming, and she completely put me at ease. There was nothing I could do or say that was beyond her limits. I appreciated that Beth was both professional and personal, kind and patient. I feel like I benefited from the procedures and I highly recommend her for anyone!

As someone who has been on Beth’s table receiving a (colon hydrotherapy) treatment I’d much rather do that than drink the drugs they want you to drink. Beth is very good at her job. There is NO discomfort and NO embarrassment.
Kelly D-S

Congratulations Beth! It warms my heart to see you moving forward with your dream. You are an excellent student and a deeply caring person. This will guarantee your success! All the best!
Cathy Shea  
Instructor, International School for Colon Therapy, Cathy Shea

Testimonials and Referrals

Let me start by saying, IF you’ve visited Gentle Waters and have had a great experience please do NOT be shy in sharing! I knowit may be weird or uncomfortable to write a review on something as hush-hush as a colonic but it’s so important to get the word out–it’s incredible for your health & well-being, your friends and family members NEED TO KNOW! Who knows, it COULD literally save someone’s life. So don’t be shy, REVIEW!

I was in town visiting family–about an hour away from Gentle Waters–and due to a lot of factors was experiencing severe stomach cramping. This is not a new feeling for me so I knew that these stomach cramping sessions can last days on end. I had spent the night curled up on the bathroom floor, completely sick to my stomach, so tired, but in so much pain I was unable to sleep. I considered going to the emergency room but I had done that before in a similar situation and they were unable to help me so I decided to go a different route with a colonic. I called Gentle Waters in TEARS because of the pain and Beth assured me that everything was going to be fine and that she could help. After making the trip up to see her, I immediately knew I was in good hands.

I’ve had colonics before but have never felt more comfortable or at peace in an environment like Gentle Waters. So clean, so inviting, just a very warm welcoming feeling when you walk in. Beth is very knowledgeable & kind. She speaks from her heart and something about her makes you feel like she’s a mother-figure…only wanting what’s best for you.

She taught me a lot that day and I am so grateful for her and her willingness to serve in this area. I’ve never met anyone in this field who cares as much as Beth. And thanks to Beth I was well on my way to healing from the inside out and feeling better quicker.

If you’re reading this review and considering whether or not you should give this a try, please take this as your sign. Like I said, I’ve had colonics before but never had the incredible experience like I did at Gentle Waters. Beth truly cares about your health. She’s been the biggest blessing!

Alexis B. (Las Vegas)

If you’re scheduled for a colonoscopy, I highly recommend Gentle Waters and the ColoLAVAGE treatment. It is much easier than the traditional prep and very thorough. Beth’s approach is very relaxing and she makes you feel comfortable. Her environment is very clean and she truly is passionate about her profession.

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I want to thank Beth Seemann and Gentle Waters for all the help and care getting me my best prep ever before my colonoscopy today. I have had quite a bit of trouble getting this done the last year, resulting in just not getting it done. Well ColoLAVAGE is the answer, for anyone having this trouble. Besides being an old acquaintance from high school, Beth was very professional, caring, and knowledgeable. Her prep was much easier than anything I’ve ever received from a Dr. The process was never uncomfortable, and so much better than the hours of harsh prep I’ve had to go through before. I truly recommend ColoLAVAGE, and Gentle Waters to everyone facing a colonoscopy!

I love the atmosphere at Gentle Waters. It is calm, quiet and peaceful.  Beth was great.  She was very informative and laid back and I really liked that.  Beth made me feel very comfortable.  I would recommend Gentle Waters to everyone!!

After several rounds of antibiotics, we were looking for an alternative to our son’s continuous ear infections. Our son is 3 years old and wasn’t scared at all! Beth was a wealth of information. We tried ear candling with excellent results. No more ear infections which meant an end to our son’s antibiotics! (He was on his 4th round when we went to Beth) I also liked how Beth put my mind at ease. I really feel she knows her stuff since she is reading and learning all the time!!
Michele H 

As a 4 yr. survivor of stage 3c cancer, nutrition and detoxing are very important to my survival. I met Beth about 3 yrs ago, when I was advised by The “Hope 4 Cancer Institute” to start a series of colon hydrotherapy, which would help rid my body of the most aggressive chemo and toxins that has been building up in my colon for years. I was very uncomfortable thinking about doing it, and I even put it off for some time, but when I met Beth, she made the process very comfortable for me. Beth truly cares about the individual she is helping, and the pride she has about what she does is amazing. After my sessions started, I could truly tell the difference. I even had more energy. I guess I never realized how important it is to take care of our colon. I would highly recommend Gentle Waters for everyone, even if you’re not sick, it’s still an important step to keeping our bodies running correctly.  
Ann K.

Beth, I wanted to stop back by your web site and leave a note for you. I’ve never had a colon irrigation session and I was very nervous. I appreciate you taking the time to show me the video of what to expect and for answering all my questions. I found you to be very pleasant, relaxed, and assuring. I will not only be back but am going to tell my “close” friends.
Mrs. M

Beth is working very hard to gain as much expertise in her skill set that she could possibly have very quickly. More often than not a graduate from any course is happy with that “piece of paper” saying that they are who they are and not setting higher goals for themselves, Beth is the exception to the rule.
Amy Sanders
President, CEO of GPACT

What Others are Saying about Beth Seemann and Gentle Waters

When I first visited Beth I was severely constipated. After four visits I am happy to say that I am having a good bowel movement at least every other day. Prior to seeing Beth I was going 4 to 5 days before a bowel movement. I highly recommend Beth to anyone having constipation problems.
John D.

(740) 392-3377

48 Public Square

Mount Vernon, OH 43050

Beth, I can’t thank you enough for staying late to do the Ear Candling on my daughter. I saw nothing but ear wax when I looked in her ear. There was so much wax that she couldn’t hear anything. After just four candles she was able to hear again. It took more candles to completely clear her ear but doing the ear candling is so much nicer and easier than having the doctor use the force of water to try and flush out the ear. Plus it’s painless.
Mrs. V.

Dealing with Lyme disease and other health troubles, my abdomen became very tight and painful and my digestion was very poor. The atmosphere at Gentle Waters was second to none and Beth really cares about getting you better. I had three hydrotherapy sessions, three coffee enemas, and three detox foot baths. My congested liver is much less painful and swollen, my abdominal tightness has been reduced almost 100 percent and is still improving daily after my treatments. My skin is clearer and my digestion is very much improved. I have a better sense of overall well being and stress relief. It is very peaceful and very professional. I feel that Gentle Waters is the very best that there is for these types of ailments. Beth is very knowledgeable and experienced. I couldn’t be happier with my improvements from going to Gentle Waters.
Tom L.

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If you are looking for a supportive, kind, knowledgeable and caring natural health care provider, then you will find all of those qualities and more in Beth! Don’t hesitate to make an appointment for any of the services that Beth provides. You’ll be glad you did!!  
Annette Barber
Owner, Gentle Pathways Colon Hydrotherapy