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When a person uses the spa different colors will appear in the water signifying types of negative ions the body is emitting.

Once these negative ions are emitted from your body you should feel healthier. Ionic foot spa is said to enhance your immune system, relieve joint pain, improve sleep and improve organ function.

* Note: contraindicated if you have a pacemaker, Epilepse OR seizures

What is an Ionic Foot Bath?
It is a foot bath to cleanse, balance and enhance the bio-energy. This energy is the electromagnetic force that is stored within the body and utilized by our cells. Chinese medicine refers to this energy as the “chi.”

The ionic foot baths work by sending electrical currents through the body that emit positive ions. The body then disposes of the negative ions through the feet. The feet have the largest and the most pores than in any other part of the body. There are believed to be 2,000 pores on each foot. When a foot bath is performed, it normally takes 60 minutes.

Ionic Detox Foot Spa* - $38