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Thinking of having a colonoscopy but cringing at the thought of having to drink the gallon of nasty liquid? I have a great alternative for you! I have completed my training in ColoLAVAGE. This means that now you “Don’t Have to Dread the Prep!”

See Live Colonoscopy with the ColoLAVAGE Prep at GI DOCTORS NY

Dr. Chris A. Demetriou of giDoctors in Long Island, NY states that colon hydrotherapy results in fewer rescheduled appointments, improved bowel preparation for colonoscopy, shorter colonoscopies due to less need to suction remaining feces as well as better hydration. Dr. Ken Levine, Anesthesiologist of the giDOCTORS NY office states patients have shorter procedures thus less anesthesia and further notices quicker recovery for his patients he feels is due to the hydration provided.​  

Please click on the link below to see a recommendation letter from the GI Doctors
Letter from GI Doctors New York 2012

ColoLAVAGE - Alternative Prep for Colonoscopy - $90

Patient Considerations:
• Limited oral prep as compared to traditional prep alone
• No large amount of thick liquids to consume
• No missed work sitting in the restroom
• Soothing and relaxing atmosphere
• No embarrassing odors or mess
• Improved patient compliance

We can help you get cleaned for your colonoscopy without you having to drink a gallon of nasty liquids. If you live within two hours from Mount Vernon give us a call and we can help you get clean so you “Don’t Have to Dread the Prep!"

Currently there are 22 people trained in ColoLAVAGE World Wide. Beth is number ten and the only one in Ohio that is trained in ColoLAVAGE. She took her training at giDoctors of NY in a clinical setting. Beth has done many ColoLAVAGE preps and has observed dozens of colonoscopies and she has found that the difference between somebody who has elected to have the ColoLAVAGE done and the regular prep is amazing! The patient that has done the ColoLAVAGE prep is much cleaner and easier to work with. The patient also has a much quicker time of waking up after the procedure. So if you are scheduled for a colonoscopy soon or need to get scheduled ask your doctor for a referral to come to Gentle Waters and have a ColoLAVAGE procedure done.